May 4th, 2017

abstract butterfly

return from FW and the news

My wife arrived home from a much-enjoyed business trip in neighboring city Fort Worth.  Our dog Beatrice exhibited joy over her return.
The weather turned cooler, though possible rains did not arrive. I took Beatrice on a walk around the pond.   The news broadcast a story of a 21-year-old man at a community college campus who shot a woman of his acquaintance, age 20, and then shot himself. I prefer happier news than the latest news. 

Social media features "news" that is not very factual. I see this as the one bipartisan trend--that slanted fake-news, skewed-opinion has become such a thing.  Straw men and women built and destroyed, right before one's very eyes.

I did see a story of some use, though--about which cars lose much of their value in the first year after purchase.  That's one way the used car purchasing situation is different from the new car situation.  Used cars cause one to notice, a bit more, that sweet spot of substantial effective remaining driving life and favorable decline of price through depreciation. My brother, who is mathematically-inclined, graphed it all out for
a car purchase as to a model he sought. I never was so rigorous.  Fortunately, with any fortune,  I am 3+ years from my next car purchase.

breakfast sunrise cinnamon cereal and skim milk
lunch potbelly turkey sandwich, chips and vegetable soup
dinnner smoked turkey, vegetables cooked pot roast style and green beans with almonds

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)
abstract butterfly

chicken and breeze

The temperature was moderate but the breeze gave us all a mild chill. Beatrice loved her walk. I watched a George Gentley mystery on television. Before that, I had a nice call with my 20 yeard old niece.

Breakfast: fruit-o's cereal and skim milk
lunch- church's chicken leg and breast, fries, 1/4 biscuit
dinner: BBQ chicken,roll, green beans
plus a skinny cow ice cream sandwich, bananas and a package of baked cheetos
(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)