April 7th, 2017

abstract butterfly

Nuttall's day

Thursday I got up early to get to my meeting. After my meeting, I sat in my car on a conference call. I stopped by a Denny's for breakfast-and-lunch (decidedly not brunch). That proved to be my only meal for the day. The traffic in inland southern California was much heavier than in my suburb, reminding me of when I lived in California.

I had a bit of time before my flight, so I stopped by Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden in Claremont. My wife got her degree from Scripps College in Claremont, long before I met her. We used to live in La Crescenta, 30 or 40 minutes away. So this garden was like an old home place, though I had not been there in perhaps a decade and a half.

Heavy Winter rains led to a very green and lush garden. The garden seemed more developed than the last time I was there. The weather was a bit warm though not quite hot. I enjoyed the walk. I liked the California vegetation. I heard lots of Bewick's Wrens, saw a goodish few California Towhees, and saw my first Nuttall's Woodpecker. I caught a late afternoon plane to Dallas, changing planes at Denver. On the plane I read Mrs. Oliphaunt.

I landed at 11 p.m. When I drove home, heavy police presence guided traffic, apparently to avoid interfering with road work. The news was full of missiles in Syria.

Today I worked a solid day, taking a lunch break to walk in Breckinridge Park and to eat at Subway. After work, I came home and my wife and I walked Beatrice. A dozen or two families sat on blankets in the park. We could not sort out if the event was a school event, a religious gathering or a club of some sort.

We went to Spazo, the little Italian place near us. We saw outside in nearly-perfect weather. I had a great calzone with mozzarella and sausage--substantial but not too heavy. I told my wife of being so near her alma mater's campus. We concurred that I was wise not to stroll the campus, as Scripps scholars probably do not need a strange middle-aged man with binoculars and camera interrupting the academic reverie.

Now I am watching "Star Trek",the original series, and thinking about the abject luxury commonly called Saturday.