January 27th, 2017

abstract butterfly

early morning Friday 2017

My Winter morning rituals are so simple as to defy the term rituals. I wake up early, usually around 5 or 6. I get up and put two packages of instant low-sugar oatmeal (or cold breakfast cereal) in a one-cup-size bowl. When my meal is oatmeal, I heat half-a-coffee-cup of water in the microwave for something near 1 minutes and 24 seconds. Then I use a spoon to slowly mix the water into the oatmeal mix, to create a substance that is a good bit like properly-cooked oatmeal. Before I begin to eat, I reach into a box of Milk-Bone Mini's Flavor Snacks and grab out ten or a dozen little faux bones. I put them on my knee or leg intermittently as I eat. Beatrice plucks them from my knee, one by one. During breakfast I read a newspaper or I read articles on my smart phone. I think lately how I should stop reading the ad-honey-trap articles that come in Facebook links. We subscribe to the daily newspaper, but we get it digitally except for the hard copy on Sunday. I should
read the digital version, but I never keep up with the log-ins.

After breakfast, I attend to medicine for our dog Beatrice. She takes two morning pills unless she has had a recent bout of this or that, which bouts can temporarily increase the pill count. I put the pills in green pill pockets that Beatrice finds delightful. To make the pockets more economical, my wife has us buy the large pockets and then cuts them in two. This is apparently cheaper than buying the small pockets. Sometimes I defeat the economy by giving Beatrice an extra half of a pill pocket. After her pills, I give her a dog biscuit. She takes the biscuit and runs into an adjoining room.

This morning after Great Value Instant oatmeal I purchased Roy Baysfield's ebook "Desire Paths", which absorbed me into its narratives about walking as a kind of exercise and pilgrimage and spiritual journey and mundane thing. I knocked out 48 pages of the 270 pages in short order. I also read a few poems from Disinheritance, by John Sibley Williams. These were both very satisfying things to read.

Today the weather flirts with freezing but has no needless and ambiguous entanglements with the wintry breeze. I debate in my mind which is worse--all the toxic rhetoric or all the distressing non-rhetorical changes in environmental and civil justice protections. I think about ways to try to help make things better.
abstract butterfly


Work today went well. I work again tomorrow afternoon. On my way to work, I stopped to walk on the Chisholm Trail near Orlando just off Alma in Plano. Though the temperature was cold, the weather was pleasant. During a brief walk, I watched the birds--Blue Jays, a Red-Bellied Woodpecker, a Carolina Chickadee, two White-Winged Doves. I heard a higher-pitched sound and looked up. I saw a Golden-Crowned Kinglet high up in a tree, doing its jitterbug flitting from branch to branch. This brought my county count up to 51 for this month (and hence, for this year).

I ate three soft chicken tacos for lunch, and turkey with cabbage and turnip greens for dinner we got at Market Street. I like turnip greens. But I puzzle, sometimes, why mustard greens, one of my favorite greens, never pops up in restaurants.

My computer froze during an upgrade a few weeks ago, and now appears to be unable to update from its software repository. I got some help from the Q4OS forum. If I cannot sort out all sorts of things about editing something called source.list, I'll reinstall. This is easy enough, but requires me to do a fair bit of customization to get my various things working as I want to do. Either way, I'll sort it out.

The weather guy on television just said "weekend warmup". I favor this.