December 31st, 2016

abstract butterfly

visitor and downy

I thought about whether to import my LiveJournal to Dreamwidth. I have had a Dreamwidth journal since 2013, but rarely post there.
I used to have some parallel posting set up, but it failed to consistently work. I would not discontinue my LiveJournal, but merely post both places. The result would ideally be merely perpetual cross-posting, as I do not share the current concern expressed in internet memes about LiveJournal's servers being hosted in Russia. My journal is nearly all-public, so server access would be no great gain as to my entries.Maybe in 2017 I'll import my journal to Dreamwidth and let each post count double. But maybe I will not do that at all.

I like working on the Friday after Christmas, because the telephone rarely rings and I can get things done. This particular Friday I
left at 4:30 p.m. to head to Love Field Airport.  Our 20-year-old Alabama niece landed at 6:10 p.m.  She is visiting us this weekend. We all had a great time at Silver Thai, where I had the spicy bah-mee soup and a monsoon roll. This went well with the Church's fried chicken and the Quaker Lower Sugar instant oatmeal I had already had yesterday.

I liked sitting in the waiting area chairs, which had little wings--not quite butterfly wings, but little wings. I liked the episode of Sherlock Holmes we watched last night--after several nights of falling asleep mid-episode, I liked finishing this one. I liked the Downy Woodpecker I saw on my walk in Salmon Park and the Eastern Bluebird I saw on a quick drive in Breckinridge Park, though I did not get a good photo of either.

This morning my wife and I got her car over to Care Care Central for some needed service, and then drove back home in my car. The temperature is quite acceptable for 7 a.m., but there is a chill wind. I think it will be more pleasant later today.

I discovered some new artist names for Dave Keifer, who used to record as Cagey House. I bought a couple of his more recent albums. I read about some horse-related businesses in the nearby small town of Whitesboro.  I read up a bit about one of my travel aspirations--a visit to the Loess Hills and surrounding areas of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Sioux City, Iowa. I do not know when, or if, I will achive that travel aspiration.

I got an amazing Christmas-themed gift in the mail. I got an affidavit to sign in the mail. A small dog lies sleeping on the dog bed beside my easy chair.
abstract butterfly

horse gear day

Today proved amazingly pleasant--it could have been Spring.

My niece and I each had Quaker Lower Sugar instant oatmeal. My wife had a yogurt. My niece and I gave Bea a quick walk, but the cold wind cut it a little short.  We then headed to Dover Saddlery in Richardson, a local outlet of a small chain devoted to English riding tack. My niece got a girth, which is apparently the English riding term for a cinch. I got Beatrice a warmer dog jacket. We ate lunch at La Madeleine, where I had a bowl of fruit and a turkey sandwich. We drove an hour north to the town of Whitesboro, where we visited a huge western and tack store called Dennard's. I did not realize until today that horse riding tack was such a thing.  We stopped at a Sonic for drinks. Then we drove and walked in nearby Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve. We saw thousands of Snow Geese, numerous Great Blue Herons, lots of Northern Cardinals, a Northern Harrier, an American Kestrel, and several cute dogs.
We drove back home to Spazo, a great Italian restaurant, where the baked ziti was good. I ate half my meal, and boxed the rest, which still may have been a multiple of what Weight Watchers considers a portion. My wife and I walked Beatrice.   We all went to the movie Sing! at the Allen Cinemark, which we enjoyed. Now we are crashed out and it's still almost 2 hours to the New Year.

A happy New Year's to all! Kind wishes for a gentle 2017.