December 21st, 2016

abstract butterfly

bagging Christmas

Warmer weather helped make today pleasant. I worked a solid day, taking a break at lunch to walk in Breckinridge Park and eat soft chicken tacos. After work, I ate grilled chicken, corn and green beans at KFC. Then I went to Big Lots and Dollar Tree for gift bags. I got some presents into gift bags, which largely gets me caught up. Tonight I watched the George C. Scott "Christmas Carol".

One of my Livejournal friends who is now a Facebook friend posted about not liking it when people "like" that she is attending an event. I can understand her view that this brings notifications to her as if there were noteworthy about going to x event  or y event. as I recall, she had been to a poetry reading recently. I cannot recall if I "like" folks going to events, but I know that I like it when people "like" that I am attending an event. It's a little note that someone is reading. But I like to learn what people do not like.