December 8th, 2016

abstract butterfly

cold at last

Last night the first freeze of the year arrived. The weather today did not get much warmer than freezing. I dressed in multiple layers, as 0 degrees C. turned to 3 degrees C. Tonight the temperature is to get to - 2 degrees C. This is the coldest weather in 2 years.

My morning instant oatmeal felt particularly warming today. At lunch, one of my partners and I walked to Gloria's to have Mexican chicken soup. At dinner, we ate turkey patties on sandwich slims with roasted brussel sprouts.

I read about Laika, the first dog in space. I found out that Laika only weighed 6 kilograms, and had been a Moscow stray. I learned of the death of musician Greg Lake and listened to some old Emerson, Lake and Palmer songs. I listened to a recording of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's December 8, 1941 speech asking Congress to declare war on Japan.

I saw photos of Saturn from the Cassini satellite. I pondered attending a speech about armadillos. The curious political appointments by the incoming political regime caught my attention. I think about visiting western Kansas or Nebraska again someday.