November 7th, 2016

abstract butterfly

rainy day November

I breakfasted on Quaker Lower Sugar Maple Cinnamon oatmeal. I took with me to work the Jones New York rainwear my sister-in-law found for me some  years ago in a second-hand store. This jacket always does the job. It got me through a rainy week in Scotland. It did a fine job with a rainy  north Texas day.

I drove s  at lunch through heavy rain and took snaps of Eastern Bluebirds from my car. Then I ate 3 soft chicken taos. My wife had a meeting tonight, so I stopped at Church's Chicken for a chicken breast, two drumsticks and a small order of fries. I stopped by a Big Lots and a Dollar Tree to pick up some wires, some envelopes, some made-in-the-US dog treats, some multi-grain Cheerios cereal and some Oatfit oatmeal.

I watched an episode of "Supergirl". Then I set up a little used desktop computer I have to use our living room TV as a monitor. This allows us to project Youtube and other programs up on our TV with a bit more variety and flexibility than a Chromecast device.

I am hopeful that my favored candidate wins her election tomorrow.