October 2nd, 2016

abstract butterfly

osprey and unified service

I got up early Saturday and drove to Lake Ray Roberts State Park, Johnson Branch, to the "Flying Feathered Friends" bird walk. Only the ranger, Danielle, and I attended. We saw an Osprey, 5 American Kestrels, a Sharp-Shinned Hawk and an early American Goldfinch in 90 minutes.

On the way home, I got off of I 35 and exited on Highway 380 to go through McKinney.Before I exited, I stopped at Sanger Sports Park to check it out. Its paths featured a Great Blue Heron and an Eastern Phoebe.

On my way into McKinney, I stopped for an early 11 a.m. lunch at Pollo Regio. Pollo Regio specializes in Mexican grilled chicken, but the smallest portion featured was a half-chicken--more than I wanted. I went instead with Caldo de Pollo, which proved very tasty.

I drove through heavy traffic in downtown Denton, passing the farmer's market by its wonderful 19th Century courthouse. I stopped at an estate sale which did not interest me. But I looked at the vintage glassware on sale and paused for a moment. If I were in someone's home, and they served me a beverage in the glasses, I would think them quaint and charmingly old-fashioned. But in an estate sale, they were mostly half-off things of little interest to passersby. It's too bad, but I did not want to buy them, either. I did not find the old books or vintage electronics I like in estate sales.

When I got home, I took Beatrice for a walk. Despite her advanced age, she enjoys a good walk. I am glad cooler weather makes walks more do-able. I relaxed most of the afternoon. I intended to gather some vegetables at the grocery store and cook in. But I ended up simply walking for a bit in tiny nearby Green Park, followed by making myself a dinner of left-over baked chicken and a wheat roll with a slice of mozarella.

Sunday morning I walked on the Chisholm Trail then went to Weight Watchers. I was up 1.2 pounds, no doubt due to too many bananas the prior week. I walked at Shawnee Park in Plano, where my favorite sighting was a Hackberry butterfly.

I went to church at First UMC, whose large "reunion" service merged all services, including the small "Way" chapel service I attend, into one main service at one time. I felt crowded in only in a pleasant way.

I went to Cici's pizza for carrots, dill pickles, a slice of pepperoni pizza and two slices of cheese pizza. Then I went to Bethany Lakes Park, where I walked among a flock of American Robins. I thought how in a month or so the abundant bird will instead be the Yellow-Rumped Warbler.

I settled in for the afternoon to tidy up the house, watch the local sports team on television and to install an operating system into one of my old second-hand computer whose OS had, through my error, encountered troubles with its graphical user interface. I experimented with Puppy Linus and 4MLinux to frustrating non-avail but got Q4OS to install and configure easily.

I got myself shredded chicken tacos at Taco Bell, and then walked a bit in Limestone Quarry Park. Then I went home, where my wife had arrived home from her trip to visit relatives up north. Now we are having a pleasant evening as the television plays.