September 29th, 2016

abstract butterfly

a to b to c

I thought this morning that one thing I like about my work is that projects have discernible beginnings and wander forward in mostly direct pathways to conclusions. Sometimes, as this morning, I get an email at 6 a.m. that changes my 9 a.m. plans altogether. But things move forward to allocate among wins, losses, and settlements.

After my business at the McKinney courthouse ended, I headed to my office. Part of my day freed up, so I utilized it wisely. The weather stayed around 25 degrees C., which is very pleasant indeed. After work, I came home and walked Beatrice. She enjoyed that very much. I spoke with my wife a time or two by phone.

My meals today were:
a. Trix cereal and skim milk for breakfast
b. Potbelly TKY sandwich and baked chips for lunch
c. Taco Bell soft chicken tacos for dinner--a substitution choice after a nearby Subway sandwich more or less ignored me when I went in to order.

Now I am doing some laundry, and thinking about things I should accomplish in the coming weekend.