September 14th, 2016

abstract butterfly

bratwurst and chuck

Last night I watched the movie "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl". I liked the movie a great deal, though on paper teen-oriented movies in which someone is ill are not my favorite genre. I made a mental note to read the book. I made a further mental note that the author grew up near here, and to ask my nephew if they were in middle school together.

My busy day today started with Kix cereal, featured a quick walk in Heritage Park (a bit cell-phone afflicted), permitted me two slices of CiCi's pepperoni pizza, raw broccoli, raw baby carrots, raw celery, and dill pickles At night my wife and I ate bratwurst and then frank hot dogs, sauerkraut, and raw vegetables. My sister called on logistics and to let me know her audio project came out fine.

Tonight I took a look at the programming language Chuck. I watched a re-run of Castle. I feel a little weary but good.