September 13th, 2016

abstract butterfly

Audacity and Tacos


A touch under the weather in the evening. Perhaps just a sleep deficit from staying up late on Friday and Saturday night.

I ate Kix cereal for breakfast, three soft chicken tacos and a soft beef taco for lunch, and two turkey sandwiches for dinner. I ate too many bananas.


I overslept a bit this morning, but made it to work in good order and pretty near on-time. I ate lunch at Potbelly's--a TKY sandwich and baked chips.

I walked in the early evening in Suncreek Park. As I left, a teen and her dad approached the park. I suspect her camera was for owls at dusk. But we did not speak, other than to say that hobby photographer "hi" to one another.

For dinner, we had pork loin, cauliflower and a sweet potato. Then I spent time on the phone helping my sister through one of those Audacity issues that is easy to solve--once you know the solution.