September 6th, 2016

abstract butterfly

home again, home again

During our last Tulsa morning, we had breakfast over at my aunt and uncle's. They set a table full of fruits and cereals and other fun things. We had a great time chatting with them--a perfect cap to a very good weekend.

We hit the road home. At Okmulgee, we stopped at the Deep Fork National Wildlife Reserve. We walked its pleasant boardwalk trail. We saw lots of butterflies, some red-eared slider turtles, lots of Turkey Vultures, fields of daisies, and lots of timber. I got a picture of a flycatcher that may be an Olive-side Flycatcher. I will go to the "What is this Bird?" Facebook page to verify the identification. Overall, we saw fewer birds than I would have expected, but it was near Noon.

We drove the rest of the way back south to our home in north Texas. We took the route on Highway 75 rather than the toll road on 69. This meant roughly 50 miles of two lane driving through charming fields and towns,rather than four-lane driving through nearly-as-charming fields but fewer towns. A lot of the little towns looked worthy of a future visit.

We stopped for lunch at an IHOP in Denison, Texas, where my egg whites, turkey bacon and wheat toast tasted great. We got home near 4:30 p.m. I worked a bit on a call with a co-worker. Otherwise, I watched television and rested up from a long but satisfying New Year's Day.
abstract butterfly

a little later

I worked until 8 p.m., with a day chock-full of things to do. But on the way there,
I got a TKY sandwich, baked chips and garden vegetable soup at Potbelly, Strawberry Awake cereal and skim milk at home, and a dinner at home of baked chicken, some spaghetti and green beans.

My end-of-day meeting ended nearer my home and my colleague's home than near my office. So he gave me a ride home, and now the television plays