September 2nd, 2016

abstract butterfly

Loco arrives

I like the Friday before a three-day-weekend. Everyone with common sense in my trade takes a four-day weekend. Folks like me who work get a lot done and get fewer telephone calls. I worked a full day after rolling in following a morning of breakfast cereal and getting a deposit made. I ate lunch at Potbelly--a TKY sandwich and oven-baked chips. I exchanged emails with my Aunt, with whom we have plans to lunch tomorrow. I stopped off at Crowley Park in Richardson for an after-work walk. I saw a bird that was unmistakably an Eastern Wood-Peewee--my first this year. I probably had seen one earlier, but this one I could identify.

My wife's work let her out early. She picked us up chicken from the new El Pollo Loco. I love this California-based chain, which just arrived in our area. It was like coming home in one of the few ways I think of southern California as home (despite living there for 9 years starting some 25 yeas ago). I do miss lots of things about southern California--chapparal plants in bloom in the Winter, pier fishing on New Year's Day at Seal Beach Pier with our friend Heidi, great Armenian chicken cheap-and-cheerful place, and our two favorite realtors in the world, who became our friends.

Now the US Open tennis tournament is on television, as my wife is a bit of a desultory fan. We arise early tomorrow. Beatrice wore out quickly after an enthusiastic bout of "toss her Red Lobster toy".