August 31st, 2016

abstract butterfly

Trout and rain

Tuesday morning began with a bowl of Strawberry Awake Cereal and skim milk. I walked to Potbelly for a lunch of a TKY sandwich on multi-grain with baked chips.
After lunch I walked a bit in the shopping center in which my office building is located. During the day I spoke a few times with my associate, who was handling a matter scheduled for the afternoon downtown in Dallas. My partners and I were pleased when he received the right result at the conclusion of his matter. A pleasing rain fell in the mid-afternoon, but was over by time to leave work.

On the way home I stopped at Suncreek Park in Allen. I increased my walking count from 4900 steps to a bit over 8000. I saw House Finches and Eastern Bluebirds. I stopped by the Kroger supermarket. I picked up a pound of steelhead trout, a huge sack of green beans, a bundle of asparagus and two yellow crookneck squash. We dined last night on trout and green beans.

I watched an episode or two of the TV show Castle and did my laundry last night.
abstract butterfly

by-gone spaces

I woke early. I ate cereal and skim milk. Prior to going to work. I addressed a letter to a bank with a small deposit. The cool weather turned less cool but no warmer than is seasonal. At lunch I walked in Garland's Bradfield Park. I took a lot of pictures of an Eastern Phoebe perched in a small tree. I liked my lunch of roasted chicken breast and wing and a fruit cup from Golden Chick. I liked the fruit cup because it had lots of sliced mango. I like little cubes of mango.

Driving to and from work, director Werner Herzog was interviewed on the local radio station. He discussed how some folks see him as a man who won't take no for an answer,but in fact he is told no numerous times a day during every shooting day.

After work I stopped at 111 Ranch Park in Garland. I like it on hot days because it has huge shady trees and is little-used. A feeding flock of American Robins hopped, skipped and flew about while I listened to the episode of the Ubuntu Podcast on which they read out a tweet I had written. The tweet was inconseqential.

I miss my old room in my parents' home. When my father remarried, they turned it into a period-appropriate room [the home is old], after having me take my things from it. Lots of things like old books and reference guides I could use to remember things got lost in that transition. Now both my mother and my father are gone. I suppose one cannot be 16 forever. But it was a good room in which to collect the books and things of 16.

I have two busy days ahead and a busy next week. But I am grateful for my days.