August 3rd, 2016

abstract butterfly

returning home

I hoped before today to hit the road to Calgary at 7:30 a.m. But I slept until 8, and we did not get started until 9. We drove through the rain from Canmore to Calgary, after eating multi-grain cheerios and giving away our bear spray.

We headed to downtown Calgary, hoping to get a quickish gander at the Glenbow Museum. But we soon realized we had too little time. We stopped at a nice coffee shop cafe in the convention center across the street. I ate a tasty if somewhat creamy spicy Thai chicken soup.

We went through customs preclearance and immigration in Calgary. Then we flew to Dallas Fort Worth airport. I watched and enjoyed the third Barbershop movie and an episode of Flight of the Conchords. When we landed in Dallas, we could deplane with ease and without the need for further customs.

We left a rainy, 18 degrees C. day and landed on a sunny 38 degree C. day. We rode home in a Super Shuttle, greeted a happy Beatrice, and I dined at home on a turkey sandwich and almonds. Vacation is over. Long live vacation.