July 12th, 2016

abstract butterfly

Details about the day

Breakfast: 1 cup of GoLean Vanilla Graham Clusters cold cereal with skim milk
Commute to work: 25 minutes.
Morning stop: drop off dress shirts at the dry cleaners
Lunch: T-K-Y sandwich on whole wheat, oven-baked Lays potato chips and garden vegetable soup.
Lunch walk: along Firewheel Drive in Garland
Work departure: 5:40 p.m.
Times checking work email after work: 1
Park walk after work location: Crowley Park, Richardson, Texas
Temperature: 36 degrees C.
Wind: Brisk and warm
Birds seen at Crowley Park: 4 Northern Cardinals, 3 Great-crested Flycatchers, 2 Eastern Phoebes, 2 Northern Mockingbirds, 1 Red-Tailed Hawk, 2 American Robins, 1 Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
Podcast heard while walking: The Linux Action Show
Steps taken today: 10,436
Purchased at the Kroger supermarket: a bunch of bananas, three bottles of Powerade Zero sports drink, Three Dog Bakery dog treats and a box of Kix Cereal.
Primetime television viewing: Maya and Marty
Local news coverage the memorial services for five slain policemen.