July 10th, 2016

abstract butterfly

restful Sunday

I started my day with Kix cereal. In the early morning I watered my wife's container plants. I walked on the Chisholm Trail in Plano. I liked looking at the Western Kingbird and the Downy Woodpecker. At Weight Watchers I was up 6/10th of a pound, no doubt from excess bananas.

I stopped for a moment's walk at Suncreek Park in Allen. I went to church at Suncreek UMC, where the new pastor gave a good sermon.

I stopped in for two soft beef tacos at Taco Casa. Then I walked in Bethany Lakes Park. When I first arrived at the park, I saw over a dozen people fixated on cell phones. Soon they were marching the perimeters of the park. I wondered if they were playing the smart phone game Ingress. I overhead a snatch of conversation, though, and understood. I asked two young men, "Playing Pokemon Go?" and got the smiling reply "Yes, sir!".

I had fun walking in the park, listing the birds I saw. I thought to myself that the Pokemon Go players and I were not so different. I thought that the thought would make a good tweet.

I saw lots of Green Herons at the park. Then I headed home. I stopped by the Sprouts Market. I bought some Pacific Rockfish, an ear of corn on the cob, two small Yukon Gold potatoes, some bananas and some fresh grapes.

I rested most of the afternoon. In the mid-afternoon, I got up and put the potatoes, the ear of corn and one of the crookneck squash I bought yesterday
in Mount Vernon. At five fifteen I headed to the local CVS pharmacy in the Target on Custer. I picked up Beatrice's low-blood-pressure medicine, which necessitated a bit of waiting for it to be made ready.

At home, I baked the rockfish. Within half an hour or so, I was eating dinner. Everything turned out pretty good, as simple, uncomplicated meals go.

I watched part of a movie I rented through pay-per-view called Rescue Dogs, which showed promise but did not hold my attention. Then I watched the TV show Endeavor. During the evening I talked to my wife, watered the container plants again and posted kingbird photos to Flickr.