June 24th, 2016

abstract butterfly

on birds and brexit

Last night I walked on the sidewalks in Plano known as the Chisholm Trail, where I watched American Robins and Blue Jays. A nice man stopped to talk to me, and told me about how he and his son saw a very small owl in their back yard. A woman at the Senior Center was hurling capable horseshoes which emitted a pleasing clang.

At home, we ate sandwiches. Then I followed Twitter about the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union. Though I felt the vote might go either way, I had hoped that the "remain" side would win. I thought fleetingly that the only silver lining is a newly-low exchange rate for the pound for visitors to the United Kingdom. I thought it intriguing that a year after Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom, Scotland served as the solid stay vote in the European Union, which all those politicians who urged Scotland to stay now voted to leave the European Union. I see that David Cameron resigned. Though this fiasco is not Jeremy Corbyn's fault,
I wonder, a bit, how "old Labour" is going to secure a majority to retake power if it cannot deliver a majority to avoid isolationist steps like this.

I hope that the financial markets fallout is not as bad as it could be in some scenarios.
abstract butterfly

friday dreaming

Today I achieved things at work. I lunched on a commodity termed a "pretzel dog". I read about the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma. I hope to visit there someday. But tomorrow I will probably walk from my home to the Watters Trail. It's a tough call--this time of June is a great time to travel to a state park, but it's also great for a morning walk near home.

We dined tonight to the Village Burger in our hometown of Allen. I ate a turkey patty on a whole wheat bun. This weekend I hope to create music and read about turtle logic.