April 29th, 2016

abstract butterfly

On worried aging stunning actresses and obscure lists

The storm at 2:00 a.m. featured lots of nearby lightning followed by barrel rolls of thunder. I read an article in which the lovely actress Amanda Peet, a bit over a decade younger than I am, lamented the cultural imperative for actresses to look young and pretty, and its pressures upon her. Another article discussed the Nurse with Wound list of experimental musicians. I felt intrigued that I knew of the artists but not their list. Today April begins to end in showers. We'll see if May flowers result. I followed the NFL draft though the sport is a guilty pleasure. I made a purchase on eBay using the Best Offer function. My dog replied to a small dog who barked at her. .
abstract butterfly

catbird not blackbird

The rain fell in the afternoon, but abated in the early evening. I walked in Timber Narrows Park in Murphy. I saw an American Kestrel with a small mouse in its talons.
I also saw a Gray Catbird, which I mistook for a Brewer's Blackbird until someone on the Facebook "What's this Bird?" page set me straight. I have only seen one once before, in Arkansas.

We dined at Zoe's Kitchen, where I had a turkey pita sandwich and fruit. Tomorrow I must get an oil change.