April 8th, 2016

abstract butterfly

2, 3, 20

This evening 2 bunnies camouflaged in Muddy Creek among weeds with tiny white flowers. Our wi-fi at home was out for the second evening. I met with 3 people tonight to plan being 20 people.
abstract butterfly

free time dilemmae

I worked a solid day. My wife is the family hero, because she restored our wi-fi with the aid of a little free cabling from the cable company. In honor of her feat, we dined at Silver Thai, her favorite. I had the Spicy Bah-Mee Soup.

I was to get together with the young man I once mentored on Saturday, but his work called him in. So now I am deciding among:

a. a bird walk tomorrow in our local area at the Heard Science Center;
b. a bird walk and a fire ant lecture tomorrow at the Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve;
c. hiking in Dinosaur Valley State Park, with great dinosaur footprints and a small chance to see the endangered Golden-Cheeked Warbler.
d. walking in the Trinity River Audubon Society, 45 minutes' drive or an hour 15 minutes by car/train/bus.
e. walk the Watters Creek Trail in our town.
f. Going to Oklahoma to a state park;
g. Going to Cleburne State Park, a park I used to love to walk

we watched an episode of Ken Burns' jazz. Now we are watching a CNN special on Kennedy and Nixon.