March 5th, 2016

abstract butterfly

Jouve and the daring Titmouse

Last night we rented the movie "The Martian", which we both enjoyed. I had read the book last year. I liked the movie nearly as well as the book. That is rare for me (the only movie I ever liked better than the book? John Irving, "The World According to Garp").

Later, I played with an old laptop I have with a Pentium M CPU on it. I was running Puppy Linux Tahr on it. I switched it to Q4OS. It runs quite well on that operating system, except that no amount of desktop environment adjustment will make its older system run an internet browser acceptably swiftly on a relatively weak CPU.

I wondered which of the myriad choices I would choose for today. After all, not every Saturday promises to be a warm and windless blue-sky March day. I got up to go to the bird walk at Connemara Meadow.

I arrived just as the walk was starting. This was a perfect day for a bird walk,
because the great weather and impending migration has the birds stirring but
the trees largely still lack leaves. We saw several Winter sparrow species and a goodish number of local year-round birds and Winter birds. We also saw a Purple Martin--a first for the year. Spring is around the corner.

One walker told of how Tufted Titmice used to come take fur from her golden labrador retriever dog while the dog slept. We were amused to hear that the dog tolerated the invasion of its canine being. "Really?", its owner reported she asked it, "are you really just going to let them do that?".

I left the walk a half an hour early, at 10:30 a.m. I wanted to give Beatrice a walk in this warm weather. She loved her walk. She strayed from our park into the grass for the adjacent Latter Day Saints church. She had never indicated any interest in the Mormons before. We had to leave when a sign warned us that the grass and the drainage ditch were dangerous.

I got a turkey plate and green beans at Dickey's BBQ. Then I spent over an hour cleaning out my car. I have further to go on that, but I felt good about a little progress. Our back yard saucer magnolia is in bloom.

At 3:08 p.m., my train left Parker Road Station. Prior to four p.m., I was walking into a small concert hall at the University of Texas at Dallas. A free concert by classical guitarist Jeremy Jouve from Paris was on offer. The concert was part of a guitar festival.

He gave a spirited 75 minute solo show, resulting in a standing ovation. I liked that his work included new work and contemporary work, as well as a Rodrigo and a de La Maza. As I waited for the shuttle back to the Bush train station, I took a dozen pictures of singing American Robins in the trees.

I am glad I took the train and bus to the UT-Dallas campus in Richardson rather than driving. Parking my car at the Parker Road Station is better than wandering campus parking lots, trying to figure out a legal way to park despite student parking sticker requirements.

Tonight we fined at Umeko in Plano. I had a simple teriyaki chicken that I particularly enjoyed. I see that my step-counter is only a bit over 12,000 for the day and 58,000 for the week. But I feel tired and properly walked. Tomorrow is another set of steps forward.