January 16th, 2016

abstract butterfly


I got up at seven. After putting on four layers of clothes, gloves and a cap, I arrived at Limestone Park in nearby Frisco a tad before 9 a.m.

The temperature hovered several degrees above freezing. I walked the entire Taychas Trail, a round trip over five miles long. I saw twenty-five species of birds, including several lovely Harris' Sparrows and American Goldfinch. As I walked I listened to podcasts by Linux Voice, DistroWatch and the Linux Action Show. I disagreed with a poor review of Solus OS. I was interested in hearing about how to do a SIP phone network. I saw a man who seemed to be logging birds into a phone app. I used pen and paper.

After my hike, I had three soft beef tacos at Casa Taco. The food and service is always good there.

I thought about going to hear two speakers at the local convention of the state ornithology convention. The $ 75 non-member registration fee was reasonable for a four day convention but too high for just two talks. So I went home and watched sports and read a sci-fi novel.

My wife was at a movie with friends so I got more exercise by going bowling. I rolled 123, 106, and 99. When she got home, we went to Market Street for dinner. I had roast turkey, a roll, asparagus and turnip greens.

We rented a view of the movie Inside Out which we enjoyed. All in all, a good January day.