January 4th, 2016

abstract butterfly

on common and rare

At the park at lunch today the ducks were American Wigeons--not rare exactly, but less common Winter dabbling ducks than our usual Mallards. I keep seeing eBird emails about how the bird walk I missed on Saturday featured sightings of a pair of Purple Finches. Purple Finches are regionally irregular, resulting in them getting flagged by eBird for "Rare Bird Alerts". My own House Finch and American Goldfinch sightings on Saturday were decidedly less "rare birds" than a Purple Finch, but no less fascinating.

My wife had a club meeting tonight. I drove to the new Golden Chick fast food place for some roasted chicken for dinner. I spent some time ahead of time with the Golden Chick nutrition summary on its website and the Weight Watchers site smart points calculator. My meal was fine, but the chicken was a bit moist on the outside when I prefer roast chicken to be with a non-moist exterior. It's funny that Weight Watchers makes Church's fried chicken to have fewer smart points than roasted chicken at Golden Chick.

Tonight I saw most of "Supergirl", which is a television show I enjoy.