January 3rd, 2016

abstract butterfly

sunny Sunday!

I started my morning at 8:30 a.m. walking briefly on the Chisholm Trail where I saw Blue Jays and Mallard Ducks. I found at my Weight Watchers meeting that I gained a couple of pounds over the past week. This caused me no concern, as I had lost four over Christmas. I had eaten fewer desserts over the holidays than I intended, as no gingerbread or Santa cookies happened to be on offer than I planned. Even that mainstay, pumpkin pie, failed to materialize--though some were on offer, they were all store-bought at an estimable place called Tippin's and not home-made. I am capable, of course, of baking a pie or cookies, and chose not to do so. But the net result was that a regimen of holiday exercise coupled with a lessening (but not quite surfeit) of expected desserts had put me a bit up on the ledger, and this week the ledger merely reassorted itself a bit.

The weather turned glorious this afternoon. Roughly 15.75 degrees Celsius with a lovely sun. I walked at Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco where Yellow-Rumped Warblers and Cedar Waxwings cavorted. I also took Beatrice for a walk, where she stood patiently while a gaggle of children greeted her. She is a "people dog" and not a dog who loves other dogs.

Now we are watching Downton Abbey after eating turkey sandwiches.