December 27th, 2015

abstract butterfly


Last night's storm caused only a momentary power failure at our home. But across the region it caused eleven deaths. Five of those were swept from a freeway on which I regularly drive. As my years go on, I get more wary of driving in violent storms.

Even after the harsh portion of the storm passed, a steady rain fell from last night throughout today. I believe rain still falls. I went for a brief walk on the Chisholm Trail in the rain. I found at Weight Watchers that I lost four pounds during Christmas week. I had not intended to lose that much in a single week. I went to church at First United Methodist in Allen (the church to which we belong). The congregation was sparse, and the sermon was given by a spirited woman I believe is a ministerial intern. I liked her sermon,and also I liked singing Christmas carols.

I ate turkey for lunch at Dickey's BBQ. I had a hunger for it after Christmas Day featured tenderloin rather than turkey. I stopped by Russell Creek Park and Oak Point Park to look at birds in the rain. The Kroger grocery proved lightly attended when I bought fruit and vegetables.

I hunkered down for the afternoon. I watched sports on television. I put Q4OS on my back-up desktop in place of Puppy Linux. I cooked myself a meal of potatoes, a cucumber, and an acorn squash with brown sugar. Now I am watching a Harry Potter movie in television. I spoke with my wife by phone. She is returning on Tuesday rather than Monday due to snow coming into Kansas City. I also spoke by phone with one of our friends who lives in California. Soon I will go read my current sci-fi novel on my ereader and retire for the evening.