December 8th, 2015

abstract butterfly


We had our annual firm holiday lunch at the Gloria's Restaurant near our work. I had a delightful chicken soup at this Mexican/Salvadoran restaurant. I remember going to the original flagship Gloria's in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, a more simple place than the nicely-appointed chain restaurant we visited.

I met my brother's family at 6:15 p.m. at Romano's Macaroni Grill for dinner. There I had a spaghetti pomodoro with vegetables that I enjoyed. My nephew's gaming friend came along, and discussed the Vietnamese meals his wife cooks him. She grew up in Hanoi. He has only learned enough of Vietnamese cooking to run the rice cooker, more or less, near as I could tell. But he had a lot to share with us about it as a diner.

I addressed numerous business holiday cards today. I am keeping my resolution to get them out this year before the last minute. The main challenge now is to make sure I add everyone I should add. Perhaps Sunday I'll begin sending out my personal holiday cards.

The trees are full of House Finches, Cedar Waxwings, American Robins, Eurasian Starlings, Blue Jays and other birds who like Autumn fruits and seed pods.