December 5th, 2015

abstract butterfly

buying a chord

This morning I drove my wife to Car Care Central to get her inspection done. She dropped off her car, and I drove her home. I headed to Bethany Lakes Park, where I walked for a few moments. Then I went to Lake Lavon, but Brockdale Park was closed due to high lake waters.

I picked up my young friend at 11 a.m. We went for another walk in Bethany Lakes Park. Then we ate at Subway. I had the veggie delight sandwich. We stopped in the Best Buy in Garland. I got a five dollar chord to replace the cable I use to listen to the aux devices in my car. Then we headed to Firewheel Coffee, where I got a mint tea and we used the wi-fi on our respective laptops. I listened to an internet radio show featuring a live performance by an electronic artist from Chicago whom I "know" a bit through Twitter. I dropped my friend off at his home in the late afternoon.

My wife had gone on a tour of holiday homes with a friend, but had not gotten a ride to the auto shop at its conclusion due to a tight schedule on her friend's friend's part. So I drove my wife to pick up her car.

Then I stopped by Kroger's to get bananas and string cheese. Upon my arrival home, I took Beatrice for a walk. I saw my first Harris's sparrow of the year during our walk.

My wife and I dined at Rockfish Grill, where I had grilled catfish, a sourdough roll, grilled asparagus,and red beans and rice. Then I drove us home through light traffic past fieldsof night game soccer players.

I'm well along with my latest sci-fi read. It is a very quick read.