December 4th, 2015

abstract butterfly

Fall cool

The mornings start out at 1 or 3 degrees Celsius, while the days end at around 16 degrees Celsius. The week has flown by on little bats' wings. The brief burst of Autumn color in the trees has begun to subside. I saw a picture of the Trinity River Audubon Society which suggested to me that the prairie Fall colors are still vivid.

Christmas season means the return of the Snow Geese in their thousands to Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve. An email from their "friends" group advised that the rain has once again closed substantial parts of its trails and park area.

Beatrice and I went for a walk yesterday in the dark after my work. She loves to walk in the evening, though she picks up the pace a bit. Her advanced years means that when she runs I barely have to increase my walking tempo.

Work is busy right now, which is always a good thing. I have some paperwork to catch up this weekend on the non-work front. I also want to get lots more exercise.