November 26th, 2015

abstract butterfly

Lingonberry thanks

I started my morning in Kansas City's Swopes Park. I walked in an oak, hickory and limestone trail called the Fox Hollow Trail. Then I walked in the open part near the zoo. The sky was overcast but the temperature was pleasant. I liked the lttle tree with red berries where birds congregated.

We went to my wife's step-mother's brother's house for a lovely mid-afternoon turkey dinner. I liked the food and the few dozen in-law types. I am not at my most charming making small talk. But I wallflower pretty well. The coupke who host are very kind.

My wife is Swedish-American, so the day did involve lingonberry cheesecake and peparkoker.

We will see if ice accumulates tomorrow.

The day proved rainy with a freeze moving in.