November 15th, 2015

abstract butterfly


Saturday morning I headed to the Heard Natural Science Center to go on the monthly bird walk. Some 15 or so folks showed up for the walk. November is good for local bird walks, as the migrants from the north arrive in November. We did not get many waterfowl yesterday, but we did get some lovely American Goldfinches, a Spotted Towhee and Pine Siskins (the siskins being a first for me).

The cloudy day and morning light meant the only decent photos I got were of migrating Monarch butterflies.

Saturday afternoon and early evening I created a remix for a Secret Mixter remix project. The simple track I created worked out fine, though it is no marvel of music-making. The exercise helped me to understand better when to use "normalize" and when to use "amplify" in the sound editing program Audacity.

I watched the television program in which the sports team of my college alma mater pulled off a convincing upset. Beatrice and I turned in late, after watching more sports

This afternoon I put my television on sports, put my Skullcandy headphones on, and listened to the remixes others folks created for the remix event. I am very at home among electronica music which plays with vocal samples.

My wife is on her way back from visiting her father. Beatrice is lying on her Mississippi dog bed placed near me as I type.