October 29th, 2015

abstract butterfly

Breeze and breezing by

I had a solid, good day at work. At lunch I savored the breeze as I walked by a pond. I saw a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker fly into a nearby tree.

I had a good call with my brother, who also vetted a spreadsheet for me. I skipped both baseball and political debate. I did win a heat in a retro computer game called Wacky Wheels. I also gathered herrings in Extreme Tux Racer. We walked Beatrice this evening. Gadwall ducks swam in the pond.
abstract butterfly

Hate to oversleep

Today I slept late a bit. I rarely do that. I made it to work in good time. At lunch I saw a huge Northern Harrier in a tree. Rain is predicted for tomorrow. I thought about reaching out to a couple of distant friends.