October 25th, 2015

abstract butterfly

Say's what

A cold front chased the rain away, leaving us with overcast but non-weepy skies and
a chill in the air. I walked Beatrice, after putting her little orange jacket onto her non-orange back. The temperature was similar to most mornings of late,but the cold humidity made things feel cooler.

I went to Weight Watchers, and asked how to move onto a system to sustain my current weight rather than lose any more weight. Then I went home and got some family business paperwork done. I dropped the resulting handful of letters at the post office. Then I headed to the airport.

My Saturday night effort to move my folder of netlabel music onto my laptop's external hard drive worked out well. I had dozens of GB of music to choose among during my flight. I also made progress on a science fiction novel I am reading. My main plan, to watch a sci-fi movie I bought at gog.com, came a cropper. The volume was just a little low when contrasted with the hum of the plane.

After I landed, I headed in the late afternoon to Fairview Park in Costa Mesa. This park features lots of birds in a brush and wetlands setting. I rounded one corner and came upon this immature Cooper's Hawk:

I also saw a goodish few Say's Phoebes, a lovely bird very uncommon in my part of Texas:

I drove from the park to Pomona, stopping at Subway for a foot-long turkey sandwich and oven-baked potato chips. I am pleased to be settled in at my hotel, where I uploaded one of my hawk images into a site that makes photos available free to users.