October 24th, 2015

abstract butterfly


I took Beatrice to her vet for a follow-up visit.She bravely endured the vet's tender care, though the vet's table soon developed a new carpet of very short black canine fur. The vet reported no new problems, and set a new appointment in four weeks.

After a record-setting set of Spring rains, and a nearly dry Summer and early Autumn, today a major rainstorm moved into town. Our little town got five inches of rain today, with more to come tomorrow. We went from 32 consecutive days of dry weather to flash flood warnings.

I like the rain--no severe weather, but just huge drops of rain. The rains stem from Hurricane Patricia in Mexico, which is much less kind. I hope nobody is hurt or endangered by that storm.

When I got to work, my IT guy let me know that my work desktop's motherboard gave out last night. We use redundant systems, both on-site and off-site, so this posed no data loss. The desktop was at its due date, so no big heartache there. But I had to sign onto a different desktop until mine was re-adjusted. I took an extra half an hour at lunch to drive home to get my laptop. I like to be in my own office by my own phone with my own computer. When I drove over sleepy Rowlett Creek in Plano, it looked like a real river.

Back at work, I got a lot done, switching from laptop in my office to desktop in a co-worker's office and back again. The rain began again during my drive home. I stopped to photograph birds at Breckinridge Park, but the park had signs about being closed due to rising waters.

We dined on sushi at Wasabi and then went for a quiet night at home.
abstract butterfly

Errands, rain and downloads

The rain fell all night and intermittently during the day. Beatrice went for a walk with me when the morning rain was light. I dried her off with an old towel. She made her blanket into a kind of cave and disappeared into a sheet of dark blue. I went to a pharmacy to pick up meds for Beatrice. Then I got her fresh dog treats at Petco. No doggie yellow raingear was on offer.

I bought a game called Lore at gog.com. The old Lucasfilm game dates from 1990. The animation is rudimentary for today but must have been amazing then. The story is cool and requires only mouse clicks to use. I like casual retro things like this.

I ate pizza at the local chain pizza buffet. I like the endless dill pickles, baby carrots and sliced cucumbers at the salad buffet.

I walked at Bethany Lakes Park while listening to sports on a phone app. Then I went home and did practical things while I finished the game on television.

My wife and I walked the Watters Creek Trail for 90 minutes. Then I got us bowls of food at Chipotle and brought them home.

I copied dozens of gigs of netlabel songs from my desktop external hard drive to my internal hard drive. I heard from a musician from another country whose music I enjoy that she be on Thursday near a town I will visit and leave two days earlier. Things happen that way.

I bought inexpensive film downloads from gog.com. I downloaded a free game. A lot of spaceships get blown up in that game.

Tomorrow I must get a few things done.