October 9th, 2015

abstract butterfly

The return of Juror 13

Daylight begins a bit later each morning. Weeks remain before the time change, but the time change feels needed now. I like that each morning has a slight nip in the air, but each afternoon is warm.

Tonight we dined at Mi Cucina. I liked my soft chicken tacos, but the restaurant is a bit loud. Our waitress, Angelica, served us well. We talked of vacations and holidays yet to come.

Thursday my wife finished a stint as an alternate juror in a criminal trial. The alternate hears all the testimony, but, barring an illness or disqualification, misses out on the final deliberations. She moved from the world of witnesses and lawyers back to the world of work. For days, she could not talk about her task,but now she could tell about the completed trial.

Tonight I must pay some bills.