September 27th, 2015

abstract butterfly


Beatrice is a touch under the weather, so my wife took her this afternoon to the vet place that is open on Sundays. She does not seem to be in discomfort or pain, but she has an infection. The veterinarian prescribed anti-biotics. Beatrice is to go to her regular vet in a week to ten days to make sure that her symptoms do not indicate something seriously wrong. Beatrice is of very advanced years, now--we estimate she is over fifteen. She remains a very active dog. But her health concerns me. Her time with us is finite, but I hope it is not nearly over.

I went to Suncreek UMC today, where the hymns pleased me and the sermon used the destroyed bridge in the former Yugoslavia as a portion of the story.

I watched the local sports team lose a game after a very promising first half. This helped me remember why I prefer to listen to sports on radio while I do other things. This allows me to get more done during my Sundays.

The leader at Weight Watchers today offered a mild 'bone to pick' that I am not very vocal during the meetings. I amicably replied that we all have different mixes of introvert and extrovert. But I made a point of participating during the meeting.

One of the folks at Weight Watchers reported having gone to the State Fair yesterday to see the "battle of the bands", the annual half-time show of the football game in the Cotton Bowl of Grambling State University versus Prairie View A & M. I was too tired yesterday to do such a thing, but I would have enjoyed seeing that. When I was a child, I enjoyed watching Grambling football on Sunday mornings at 6 a.m., when the game and the half-time show from the previous day were replayed.

I went for a late afternoon bicycle ride to nearby Dayspring Nature Preserve. I saw year-round birds but no migrants. But it was a good ride.

Tonight a lunar eclipse of a "super-moon" is predicted, but I see clouds overhead.