September 7th, 2015

abstract butterfly

butterfly Sunday

Saturday I managed to do lots of things I planned to do all Summer but did not get done until Saturday. After walking Beatrice, I drove up to Bonham State Park, listening to ambient music by Sound Chaser as I drove. I hiked for the better part of an hour in the woods surrounding this small lake.

I grabbed a quick grilled chicken lunch at a KFC in Bonham. Then I hit the road. I realized that I was not far from Ladonia. So I drove to the Ladonia Fossil Park.
This is a bit of usually-dry riverbed in the Sulphur River. I went hunting for fossils. I found a few partial ammonites, but none good enough to bother bringing home. I did pick up a couple of pieces of nice quartzite. I watched a Mississippi Kite flying overhead.

I next stopped at Park Hill Prairie, where late Summer flowers bloomed in the tallgrass prairie. Finally, I went to South Lake Park in Farmersville, where I took pictures of a Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher and an Eastern Kingbird.

Saturday night I watched sports on television and made myself sandwiches. My wife is in Kansas City visting her family for the three day weekend.

Sunday I got up early and walked Beatrice. Then I read my science fiction novel. I went to Weight Watchers (my weight was down, in light of all the hiking on Saturday), took a walk in Shawnee Park (a lovely tiger swallowtail butterfly), and went to church at First UMC's the Way service.

I then took a brief walk in Bethany Lakes Park, where I saw a Black swallowtail butterly, or so I believe, as that species is hard to sort from spicebush or pipevine butterflies.

I stopped by Staples to price an SSD computer drive, but found that Microcenter had much lower prices. So I drove to Richardson and bought an SSD. I successfully installed it in one of two laptops I got in eBay in a single auction at a good price. I will sell one, and perhaps keep the other. I was pleased that the time to install the SSD was a few moments. Tonight I installed the Ubuntu Mate operating system, which runs very well on that unit.

At day's end, I went on a bicycle ride to DaySpring Nature Preserve. In the fading light, I saw a Giant Swallowtail butterfly. At home, I baked an acorn squash and a sliced chayote squash, and ate it with some leftover rotisserie chicken. I did a lot of laundry and folded almost all of it.
abstract butterfly

Labor Day sunny day

I got up early for my raisin bran this morning. Beatrice and I went for our walk at 7 a.m. I like walking on Labor Day because, paradoxically, the trails are less active.
At 10:05 a.m. I set out for a hike on the Watters Creek Trail in our neighborhood, a largely shady sidewalk trail by its namesake small creek. I kept a list of birds seen, reaching 12 species. The walk took 2 hours and 5 minutes and left me drenched in sweat. I took a shower and went to get a sandwich for lunch.

In the afternoon, I cleaned the house a bit. I also installed an SSD in the second of the two eBay laptops I got as one bidding unit for roughly the price of one. This time I installed the new unit I got at MicroCenter.Then I installed my favorite operating system, Peppermint OS on it. It was my first time to try the new version 6.

The SSD was amazingly fast, as advertised. Though the hardware is not super-recent (1st generation i5 on one of those 8440p HP Elitebooks that used to cost $ 900+ new but now are a bit over a hundred and a half or less used), it flies along with the SSD. I enjoyed loading my favorite software, though I am tempted, depending on the
result of my first SSD-computer auction posted this morning, to sell this one, too.
I have treated this experience as a self-guided learning experience with supplemental classes at the University of Youtube. As I worked on the computer this afternoon I listened to David Nemeth's Unfamiliar podcast, Episode 6. I really liked it,and was pleased that David included my song "Pause" on the podcast.

My wife arrived home from a holiday weekend trip to her Dad's house. We went to Rockfish Grill,where I had a grand grilled shrimp plate. I'm glad my wife is home. She's watching Andy Murray play tennis on television. Ever since we went to Dunblane, Scotland, his home town, she is more of a Murray fan than before. I loved Dunblane, so I'll say "go Murray" as well.