August 30th, 2015

abstract butterfly

niece time

I picked up my niece at Dallas Love Field on Friday afternoon. Friday night we ate dinner at Thai Noodle Wave in McKinney. Saturday morning we went to Paint and Pottery Studio, where we painted pottery. I painted a flower on a small dessert plate. I also painted a small ambulance. My niece is a gifted artist, who brought me two pictures she made of birds for my birthday. At the paint and pottery place, she painted a female face on a small vase.

Saturday afternoon, we stopped at an arts supply store and at Madness, Plano's huge
game and comic book store. The owner helped my wife find comics for our nine year old niece. Our visiting, nineteen year old niece also had some good ideas, and turned out to be a huge comics fan.

Saturday night we all met my brother, his wife, my nephew and my nephew's girlfriend
at Japon restaurant for hibachi. I ate a bit too much sushi instead of hibachi. Everyone else had hibachi. The food and company was grand. We got to see my brother's new weekend car, a decade-old Cadillac roadster. It was a cool car.

Sunday Beatrice and I walked in Glendover Park. A Belted Kingfisher flew swiftly over the pond. Then I went to Weight Watchers, where my weight was up a bit. I came home and bid my niece goodbye. My wife took her shopping for a bit, and then to the airport.

I reconfigured some computer hardware. Then I went for a bicycle ride. I stopped at DaySpring Nature Preserve,where I saw a female Painted Bunting.

We had a great weekend with our niece, who is just grand.