August 27th, 2015

abstract butterfly

redesigned for your pleasure

My wall cell phone charger turned unreliable after many years of use. I resolved to get two new Duracell chargers, as I was impressed with the inexpensive after-market Duracell car charger. I drove to Big Lots at lunch yesterday. I found myself surprised to see that Big Lots moved the electronics section and replaced it with a lavish Autumn and Halloween section. As I walked the aisles, I found a new Thanksgiving section and immaculate rows of artificial Christmas trees. I was well among the home decor items when I realized that the newly-renovated Big Lots was actually a Hobby Lobby. I went next door and returned to familiar styling (or lack of same).

We finished "Four Weddings and a Funeral", a film I always enjoy seeing again. The past two mornings we saw a Great Blue Heron by the pond. I am making incremental progress, which is a euphemism for getting a bit done at home each day. I am browsing eBay a lot lately, but so far it only results in a really fun purchase or two, with one impulse buy exception.
abstract butterfly

and his wife

I'm watching the 1945 movie "Molly and Me", a Gracie Fields picture as to which I was amused to see a younger Natalie Schafer, who later played Mrs. "Lovey" Howell on "Gilligan's Island".

I walked in Oak Point Park in Plano watching birds while listening to "Linux Luddites". I like that podcast. Its premise is for Linux users to try out new hardware or software, give it a good chance, and then say they prefer to do things the same way they always have instead.

I saw passels of Eastern Bluebirds at lunchtime, and read a chapter of a book about shelter dogs. Tonight I ate cantaloupe and thought about the evil of video autoplay.