August 23rd, 2015

abstract butterfly

swerving but unable

My morning featured a pleasant dawn walk for Beatrice, a good service at First UMC, where the hymn was the old classic with the lines "up from the grave He rose, with a mighty triumph over his foes". My weight was up a bit at Weight Watchers, but still I am at a good place now. I saw American Robins in a feeding flock at Bethany Lakes Park.

The afternoon passed quietly. On my way home from the Kroger grocery store, a squirrel darted in front of my car.I tried to turn slightly to avoid it, but could not throw on my brakes because a car was right behind me. I think the squirrel got hit, which made me sad. I was not going fast, but I wished I had just been crawling along.

Two of my on-line chess games developed bad positions nearly simultaneously. I am 1 win 1 loss so far, but I fear that will change. But it is all fun.