August 8th, 2015

abstract butterfly


I got up early and walked Beatrice. The Northern Mockingbird in our front yard gave us a scolding look. I think its fledglings are in our bushes. I drove to Sister Grove Park and hiked before the temperature rose. In the scraggle woods I saw an Indigo Bunting. I got good views but not a good photo. Lots of egrets were in flocks.

I went to Half-Priced Books to get some computer games for a few dollars each to use to work with WINE.

I stopped by Big Lots. I bought an 8 dollar Duracell charging cord because the more cheapo one I got when I lost my good one was unimpressive in its rate of charge. This one wirks better. Duracell is a good brand--works and reasonably priced.

I ate two slices of pizza, dill pickles, carrots and lettuce at CiCi's pizza. Tgen I installed the games. They installed but bored me. So I played xGalaga instead.

I knocked out 25 pages of the sci-fi I am reading and then ran updates on a laptop.