July 28th, 2015

abstract butterfly

jump start

My right rear tire was low ths morning. I stopped at the convenience store at Alma and McDermott to air it up. The establishment modernized the machine. Rather than using a simple air-powered gauge, the machine allowed on to preset a figure to which one aspired to fill one's tires. Either through design flaw or user error, the car soon reported that the tire got a good bit deflated instead of inflated. I drove on to a nearby Tom Thumb,where I was able to fill the tire with ease.

At lunch, a stranger came up to me in the parking lot and asked me if I had jumper cables. I drove my car up to her second floor apartment. We got her Toyota going in good order. She impressively offered me a wad of bills, but I decided I am not yet in the mobile tech business and declined. At lunch I watched a Loggerhead Shrike.

After work I walked in the shady woods at Oak Point Park in Plano. After a dinner of turkey burgers, we settled down to watch a set of Les Blank films.b