June 23rd, 2015

abstract butterfly

Flag down and Dorothy Malone

I hope that South Carolina removes the Confederate flag from its display at one corner of its capitol. I heard a fellow from the Sons of the Confederacy complain that his "forbears fought and died" for that flag. I am a direct descendant of folks who fought for that flag, one fellow who fought for the Union, and one fellow who died a Confederate soldier. Yet it seems to me that the flag belongs in a museum rather than on a flagpole.

I thought I misplaced some keys yesterday but found I had just tucked them away the day before and forgotten them.

We watched Dorothy Malone in the Diana Barrymore biopic. My goodness. A sad story. I could not watch the last part.
abstract butterfly

and I saw a blue jay in between

Tonight I followed a productive work day with a productive evening of getting things slightly more organized. I want to keep at this pace for days on end. I fired up an old laptop tonight that I had replaced years ago. It was like time travel to the era 2006-2009. The fact that the computers then seemed so amazing with specs that are not amazing at all now reminds me how it is all about the pep talks we give ourselves (and bloated software which demands too much).