June 6th, 2015

abstract butterfly

40 second tour

I woke up, went to Bandcamp.com, got the new Bosque Brown and Mark Ward albums, and had a good listening session. Then I went to work and focused on some interesting issues. I had lunch at Subway, after walking in Travis Farm Park a bit. After work, I stopped by Oak Point Park, where I walked for 90 minutes and looked at lovely flowers, birds and butterflies. I liked in particular the Little Blue Heron that was in a standing bit of water left over from the rain, and the way that the songbirds harried the Cooper's Hawk and the American Crow.

I put together a 40-second tour of my evening:

The cast of this short are: Western Kingbird, House Finches, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Eastern Phoebe, Firewheels and an open field.

We dined on enchiladas at San Miguel. Then we watched the movie Thor on television. I had seen bits and pieces, but never watched it from start to finish. I wish Kat Dennings always got good roles rather than having to do the lines in "Two Broke Girls". I always enjoy Natalie Portman in films, and Tom Hiddleston in films. It always seems like he should have been in the Harry Potter films, but I do not think he was in them.

Tomorrow I want to mix the practical with the fantastic(al). On to the morning.