May 19th, 2015

abstract butterfly

16 bit warrior

I got up early and edited a new episode of my Cloudcast, the Graham Wafercast, and uploaded it to Mixcloud.

Today my work proved pleasingly and not burdensomely busy. I drove to my office through a light rain. I walked at lunch at the park and then had a sandwich. I stayed a bit late, discussing an intellectually interesting set of points of law with a colleague.

We watched a recap program about David Letterman's career. I worked tonight on taking a huge audio file and compressing it beyond reason. I got it down from 50 MB to 5.2. It loses something in the compression but it sounds surprisingly good. Next, I want to work more on taking the source material and editing it into a more pleasant spoken word track.

I like the low-bit movement, in which musicians compress their songs down to impossibly small files. Lo-bit was invented to let people with dial-up or third world connections nonetheless download music. But I like the idea of a 10 MB album. Perhaps I'll compress "Constellation Blackbird" for fun.

I hear thunder in the distance.