May 14th, 2015

abstract butterfly

break from rain

We got a break from the rain today,at least in the afternoon and evening. In the early evening I stopped at Bob Woodruff Park in Plano. I saw Eastern Bluebirds adults and fledglings.

I also saw this rabbit:

Lots of standing water in the fields. Frogsong everywhere. Rains return Saturday.

I usually can identify my local species, but two birds I saw have me puzzled. I believe one was an Eastern Woods Peewee but might be a Least Flycatcher. One had a brown back like a thrush, but a breast like a Western Kingbird. I am still sorting that one out.

Beatrice and I went for a walk this evening--rabbits everywhere. I am busy at work. I got some personal paperwork done today as well, which makes me happy.