May 5th, 2015

abstract butterfly

book to book and Mimi's enters the afterlife

A light rain fell today. Tonight storms may arrive. I saw Barn Swallows and Scissor-tailed Flycatchers in the park at lunchtime.

Last night I finished "Half-Resurrection Blues" by Daniel José Older. I found it a very good read. Tonight I bought the ebook for "Elysium, or The World After" by Jennifer Marie Brissett I found it on a list of nominees for Locus Awards for first novels.

I got an email from a netlabel musician I admire, praising my new release. I noticed that the Sputnik fan review site had a post by a listener named Trevor who described the release as "2 Stars---Poor". That is the way these things work.

We dined tonight on 1/4 chicken white meals from Boston Market. My wife advised me that our neighborhood Mimi's closed. We will miss it. We were there a couple of weeks ago--apparently, we figure,right before it closed. Our area used to be under-served with restaurants but now it has more choices.

I need to schedule a visit by our niece. Our other niece is graduating high school. I am proud of both nieces.