May 3rd, 2015

abstract butterfly

bicycle and downy

I headed to Brockdale Park for a walk at 7 a.m. I saw the birds I would expect to see, but I also saw a bird I do not often see, a Tree Swallow. I went home and took Beatrice for a walk. I looked up in the sky and saw a Mississippi Kite hovering overhead. I went to church at Suncreek UMC.

I lost the better part of a pound this week. My assiduous tracking of what I eat is paying off. I had lunch at Boston Market. Then I went home and took a bicycle ride on the Watters Creek Trail. When I got to the very small Dayspring Nature Preserve, I found a gaggle of organized kids were having a faux war with rifle-like rayguns. After a few moments, I went to a nearby shady space, where I watched a Downy Woodpecker at work.

I got a new battery on eBay for the 53 dollar laptop. The after-market new battery is at a low price. I hope that gives me better battery life. My current battery comes and goes a bit, though thus far it comes more than it goes.

We watched 'Call the Midwife'. Now my wife is watching "Wolf Hall" while I am watching "Draft Day".

Tonight the Music Manumit Podcast relased an interview with me. It's here: