April 29th, 2015

abstract butterfly

who will stand by uselessly? Useful people misdirected onto useless missions

Warm weather returned today. The weather guy predicted a 'rare' four days. Four days of good weather is not rare here,but radio requires hyperbole. Speaking of hyperbole, the U.S. military has some routine training exercises planned in Texas. The far-right fringe in the area launched a massive rumor and protest about supposed dangers posed by these routine maneuvers. Today the Texas Governor tweeted that he is sending the state militia (Texas National Guard) to monitor the troops. Texas state government does a lot of spending money on troops who monitor things they have no role in or jurisdicton over, like the Mexican border and the Army.

I got some personal paperwork done, and some work matters done. Tonight I need to re-export some songs for a new album and do some more paperwork.