April 28th, 2015

abstract butterfly

coldest day ever

Tuesday the high temperature reached an historic low, not so much cold as a bit chilly. A light rain started the morning. I worked a solid day, and drove a bit in the park at lunch. I got a lot of things done today, but I want to get more done.
The unrest in Baltimore is sad, stemming from yet another death of a citizen in police custody. Everyone draws their own lessons based from their own experiences. i always hearken back to the Los Angeles "Rodney King" riots because I lived there then. I also listened to radio reports about the marriage equality oral argument before the United States Supreme Court. I may set aside time soon to listen to the entire recorded argument.

I prefer flour tortillas to corn tortillas, and black-eyed peas to English peas. Today at Breckinridge Park I saw lovely little Loggerhead Shrike, perched on a wire. I tried to take a photo, but it blurred. Then my camera said it was full. Then the bird was gone.