April 22nd, 2015

abstract butterfly

fifth wheel

I woke early to head to the dentist this morning. On the drive out to Mesquite, I listened to a cloudcast of Tuesday's episode of the Austin radio program, Fade to Yellow. As my teeth were being scoured with whirring devices, I listened to a podcast of last Sunday's Linux Action Show. The hosts were helping one of the host's wife convert from an Apple operating system to Linux.

I went into work after a restorative oatmeal. At lunch, I went to NTB tire because I had a slow leak. Soon I learned that the tiny leak on my tire was irreparable. Though the tire was nearly new, I had to replace it. I found myself a bit frustrated, but it all worked out fine. I paid for my new tire and drove away.

Last night I started reading a novel about a fellow half-way between this life and the afterlife. I like novels about after-life situations. Tonight we ate quinoa and pork loin.